Production and Supply Traceability – Product Flow – Transportation Routes – Inventory Placement.

Project Objectives:

  • When and where should we produce each product?
  • How much inventory is sufficient to meet the requirements of my customer service?

Evaluation of Alternative Strategies

  • Reducing product costs vs. Local sourcing.
  • Selection of transportation mode.
  • Changes in production schematics.
  • Inventory locations and levels.

What If Simulation

  • Delivery interruptions.
  • Increase or decrease in demand.
  • Sharp rise in fuel costs.


Location-based service optimization allows you to decide "How many locations?" and "Where?" to locate production and distribution centers with the minimum number of distribution points with a defined set of service goals.

The location of a center of gravity resolves the "where" question given by the location of customers, volume of demand, and a number of documents as inputs; usually focused on the lowest-cost solution from the transportation perspective and commonly used for the complete realignment of the current footprint or to identify the best location to place the next plant.