Access to integration functionality is restricted only to authenticated and authorized users. User credentials for connection with the external WSDL are configured in Cargowise.

  1. Connect with the GPS Providers you have contracted.
  2. You can expose a Web Service through a WSDL. Credentials will be provided to configure these Web Services to receive the monitoring start indication and basic data from CargowiseOne shipments.
  3. Reliable Resource will use the information from this interface to feed its databases and make decisions about the events it will send in another interface (defined in the ShipmentStatus document).
  4. In case the interface transmission returns an error status, it should be resent once the error details have been validated.
  5. This interface only applies to sending selected information that will be useful for monitoring.
  6. The information should be managed by "Information Domains," understanding a Domain as the hierarchical structure of information to which a shipment is associated, for example, domains can be created for each Operational Unit.

Processing of the outbound transmission requires configuration in CargowiseOne of an external system to which messages will be sent. The external system will receive shipment information via SOAP Web Service, which will be used for transportation, along with the necessary external credentials.